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Ensure Your Vehicle’s Safety When Car Towing in Sydney

Having your vehicle break down can be a nuisance for many motorists and can cause headaches if you’re unsure of what to do in these types of emergencies. Unfortunately, you’ll need to have to make use of a car towing service at some point or another, and ensuring you know the contact number of a reputable company that offers car towing in Sydney is a good thing to always have on hand. Knowing which company to call in an emergency is undeniably crucial for all motorists.

At Sydney Tow & Tilt Services, we know that there’s a high probability of your vehicle breaking down at the most inconvenient times, which is why we ensure that we provide you with fast and efficient services.

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What to Look for in a Sydney Car Towing Service

There are many towing companies within the Sydney area; however, not all of them are reputable and have certified, licenced drivers. When you require a car tow near Sydney, there are a few things you need to look for in the company before you use them.

  • Reviews. As a motorist, you should always know whom to call in case of an accident or breakdown, read reviews and do your homework, and always have a towing company’s number on hand.
  • Costs involved. Know the prices of towing upfront to ensure you can afford the company’s services to avoid future problems.
  • Emergency service support. If you’re in an accident, you may require an ambulance or other emergency services. Ensure your towing company works with these services.
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How to Prepare for a Car Towing

Whether you’re involved in a car accident, or your vehicle stops working, you’ll require the services of a company that deals with a car tow to get your vehicle where it needs to be for timely repairs. Here’s what you need to do when you require a towing service.

  • Call your insurance provider. If you haven’t already checked with your insurance company as to which towing services you can use when you’re involved in an accident, you’ll need to call them to prevent further costs, which can cause you frustration.
  • Have a closer look at your vehicle. Sometimes you may not require the use of a towing service; take a close look at your car to ensure you can’t drive it before calling a towing company.
  • Communicate clearly. Once the tow driver has latched your vehicle to the truck, you need to indicate to them where your vehicle needs to go for repairs. Your insurance company will generally inform you as to which repair businesses they deal with directly.

About Sydney Tow & Tilt Services

We know that your vehicle can break down at any time of the day or night, so we offer a 24-hour car towing service to ensure that you aren’t stuck on the side of the road at any time. If you have vehicle insurance, you can rest assured that we work with all major insurance companies to allow you the freedom to use our services without worrying about payments.

We know that it isn’t only light motor vehicles that need our services, so we tow not only regular cars but also construction vehicles such as forklifts or bobcats. All our tow drivers are fully licenced and experienced to perform their duties, so you know you’re in the right hands during this distressing time in your life.

For more information about our towing services, don’t hesitate to contact us.