Heavy Vehicle Transport

We Get Heavy Vehicle Transport Moving

There are many reasons and situations when you’ll need somebody’s help moving your heavy vehicles and machinery between locations. We have extensive experience in heavy vehicle transport in the Sydney area. We will ensure your machines arrive on time at the correct destination, whether you are relocating your warehouse to new premises or have a digger in need of a major service at the workshop. Continue reading for how we can assist you with all the large vehicle transport you might require at any time.

Hurstville Towing Sydney performs new and used vehicle transport to all areas of Sydney.

Solutions For Machinery Transport in Sydney

Many mobile machines cannot traverse the streets of Sydney due to logistical constraints and the lack of a roadworthy licence. Perhaps the machine has broken down and requires repairs? When these machines’ movement becomes necessary, we are fully equipped to transport them and any ancillary equipment to the new location anywhere in the greater metropolitan area.

  • Our large tilt tray trucks are ideally suited for undertaking tractor transport to and from repair workshops. The truck features a flatbed tray that slides out and tilts towards the ground at an approximate angle of six degrees. This angle enables us to winch the tractor onto the inclined tray, which is then hydraulically returned and levelled out to its position on the truck. The tractor is firmly secured with the wheel tie-down system to prevent the machine from moving and potentially falling off the truck. The same tie-down system can also secure motorcycles, crates and any machinery.
  • The loading space on our trucks is large enough so that with bobcat transport to a site, there is room for additional attachments to be loaded onto the bed using a crane or forklift. This method saves time and cost, as minimal trips are necessary to transport all the required machinery to the construction site, where we can quickly off-load it. We also use the truck for multi-load transport of various construction equipment, such as the bobcat, a roller compactor and a brick loader.
  • Our tilt tray truck can comfortably carry a hefty weight of up to 4.5 tonnes, which is more than enough for forklift transport. Forklifts are notoriously deceptive because the massive counterweight is often perceived as the engine housing and not a solid block of iron or concrete weighing easily two tonnes or more. This mass makes it essential to choose the correct vehicle with the capacity to handle the extra weight, especially when interchangeable counterbalance weights are also provided to the warehouse.
  • We are the preferred transport service for many of the larger vehicle and machinery dealerships in the city. They know we can do the job, whether it is a luxury SUV with a dead battery or a forklift with a burned-out electric motor. Agricultural tractors with a stripped gear are quick work to pick up.
New or used vehicle transport services.

About Sydney Tow & Tilt Services

We are a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in vehicle towing and machinery transport for the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. We are serious about our work and operate several vehicles that enable us to use the correct tool for the job and not place our customers’ valuable assets at risk by taking chances with insufficient load capacity. In conjunction with our heavy machinery transport service, we also offer other valuable services to the residents of the Greater Sydney area regarding the transportation of vehicles.

  • It is frustrating, inconvenient, embarrassing and always dangerous when your motor car develops a serious problem and dies on a busy road. Reliable roadside towing in Sydney is essential for your safety and the quick removal of the vehicle before an unfortunate accident occurs. Our uniformed drivers are easily recognisable as registered tow truck operators, and each one is adequately trained in the correct towing and loading of diverse models of cars. We can ensure that our services do not cause additional damage to your vehicle by irresponsibly towing a modern SUV and damaging the complex drive train.
  • An accident on the road is always serious business. All the hundreds of small details and thoughts racing through your mind create stress and anxiety, leaving you vulnerable to exploitation. Our uniformed drivers imbue trustable assistance and accident towing in Sydney with their friendly and courteous demeanour. They undertake the removal of your damaged vehicle professionally, and all precautions are set in place to prevent theft or loss of the contents of the car. We are fully accredited with all the major insurance companies, which will assist with the smooth processing of your claim.
  • We offer the reliable transportation of new and old vehicles to destinations in and around Sydney. Major dealerships and vintage car enthusiasts trust us to transport expensive and valuable vehicles of any kind for delivery to customers or motor shows. We are adept at removing dead vehicles from parking lots, even the underground types, and have special clearance to enter limited access parking garages. Our services are fully insured against loss and damage liability, so even in the unlikely event of something happening to your prized car, we have things covered.

Sydney Tow & Tilt Services is perfectly positioned to assist clients and customers with their vehicles’ safe and accurate transportation in the Sydney area. We offer accredited and friendly roadside assistance and the towing of all manner and sizes of private and commercial vehicles, from compact hatchbacks to luxury sedans and motorcycles to delivery trucks. We can transport large vehicles and heavy machinery with due diligence and care for the commercial, industrial and construction industries. We’ll get your bobcat tractor or forklift transport in Sydney safely to its destination.

We are available all hours of the day, every day. Contact us for a free quote on all your vehicle transportation needs in Sydney.